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Sworn translations specialises in legal and commercial translations for business and private customers. We primarily provide sworn/state-authorised translations. When you order from us, you can expect exceptional quality from our elite team of native-language translators who specialise in translating legal documents. Our dedicated team of experts not only holds comprehensive knowledge within the area of sworn translations, but they can also act as your personal guide throughout the entire process. Receive tailored assistance and answers to any questions you have about your needs from our experienced colleagues who are ready and waiting to deliver services of the highest quality.

At, we offer all types of written translations regardless of your specific requirements – so no matter whether you need a sworn translation or simply an ordinary commercial translation, send us an email or use our contact form to find out more.

The cost of a translation

When it comes to sworn translations, we will need to see your document before we can give you a price.Benefit from our valuable expertise in translation by sending us a scanned copy of your document via our contact form or by email to [email protected]. Thanks to our specialised expertise, we can not only offer a competitive price for your translation, but we can also promise that our experienced team will handle your assignment with professionalism and care. Unfortunately, we are unable to give prices over the phone, but our advice on your translation needs is never more than a click or an email away.

Do I need a sworn translation?

You will likely need a sworn or state-authorised translation if you are submitting your document to a public authority or government body. These types of translations are stamped and signed by a sworn translator who certifies that your translation is an accurate reflection of the original document. Certificates, articles of association, passports, driving licenses and similar documents will often require this type of translation. Write to us if you are unsure and we will be happy to give you advice. You can also read more here.

Professional, commercial translations

At, we not only offer sworn translations, but also tailored and professional commercial translations. Our extensive network of translators is ready and waiting to assist you with everything from ad copy and product descriptions to terms and conditions and much more. We can also include localisation on request in order to meet your specific needs.

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Our network of sworn translators

Who is the team behind is made up of Denmark’s most experienced legal and commercial translators and interpreters. We have many years of experience translating all types of legal documents. We specialise in the written translation of legal documents and documents issued by public bodies in both Denmark and abroad.

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